The Kawayan Holiday Resort takes environmental protection a step further. The resort is once again one step ahead in environmental protection. We are the first resort in the Philippines to ban sun protection from the pool and sea. Inspired by the actions in Hawaii, Palau and Australia . We banish suncreams containing environmentally harmful chemicals.

These are products that do not pay any attention to the environment. For example, sunscreen with the ingredients Oxybenzone, Octinoxate or similar. We appeal for your understanding. Please help to solve this problem and get advice from the expert before buying the wrong sunscreens.

Why you should help

Sunscreen damages the sea and its creatures. In addition, swimming pools and laundry of any kind. The harmful deposits of sun creams cause so far hardly known, serious environmental problems. These are discoloration of bath towels, duvet covers or clothes of any kind, which must then be removed with mostly environmentally harmful agents.

Bath towels with yellow spots of sunscreen

Much worse, however, is the damage to the sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxates, which damages the oceans and their creatures in the long term. Hawaii, Australia and Palau are already responding, setting a good example. They are already banning the sale of sunscreens containing Oxybenzone and Octinoxate.

Half as bad but still a huge disruptive factor is the use of this type of sunscreen in the pool. The sunscreen chemicals can not be broken down properly during normal maintenance. It creates an ugly yellow edge on the edge of the pool. Deposits – Sunscreen chemicals that can hardly be disposed of anymore.

Poolside with yellow deposits of sunscreen

The management of Kawayan Holiday Resort Siquijor thanks you very much for your understanding, your cooperation and your will to protect together with us our environment.