RESORT PLASTIC-FREE – Since mid-2014, Kawayan Holiday Resort has completely banished the plastic bottles and plastic straws from the resort. Replacement are aluminum bottles and straws made of stainless steel. The results of these actions is overwhelmingly positive. Our guests like it very much!

As a replacement for the plastic bottles, we use aluminum bottles which we provide to our guests, who of course can take them home if they wish. Throughout the resort and on board our dive boat is filling with fresh water for free.
On top of that, chilled drinking water is served by our waitresses with jug and glass in the restaurant, in the lounge, by the pool or on the deckchair.

Straws are only made from stainless steel. Not only do they make for a cooling, very pleasant feeling when drinking, they can also be used over and over again. The straws are cleaned with special brushes and made ready for reuse.

NEW Solar Power:
We also choose to go for solar power. Kawayan Holiday Resort will soon be switching to solar power. At the beginning we install solar panels with a capacity of 6000 watts (6 kW). This 6kW will cover the total daily consumption, including about 2 to 3 hours after sunset. Afterwards, the system will be continuously expanded until we reach the target of 30,000 watts (30 kW). This will enable us to ensure our total self-sufficiency

PS: We are fully aware that the production of solar panels or aluminum bottles is not exactly environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, the environment will be happy in the long run about our commitment – maybe our guests too. It’s better than burning thousands of liters of diesel every day and puffing it up for electricity production.