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COVID-19 Updates

Kawayan Holiday Resort Cares

Your health is our top priority

Kawayan Holiday Resort follows the events around Covid-19 very closely. We follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Philippine health authorities. Certainly, the uncertainty when it comes to travel is great. At the same time, Kawayan Holiday Resort would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure the well-being and safety of our guests and, last but not least, the staff.
Disclaimer: Despite all precautions, we ask our guests to assume their own responsibility and to protect themselves. In this way, we ask you to follow our policies to minimize the possibility of infection with the virus. Kawayan Holiday Resort accepts no liability and guests agree not to make any claims of any kind against Kawayan Holiday Resort arising out of or related to it.

Welcome of our guests

Please do not contact the resort. We do not receive updates from Tourism Office Siquijor.
At this time, however, we recommend that you inform yourself about the requirements before your scheduled arrival. For reliable and up-to-date information, please contact the Department of Tourism – Regional Office 7. (032) 254 2811
As soon as we have reliable information about the requirements, timetables of ferries as well as boats, etc., we will inform you immediately here.

Updated: April 08th, 2021

Our commitment to health

The Kawayan Holiday Resort cares! We work tirelessly to ensure your well-being and comfort. While you spend your holiday at Kawayan Holiday Resort, a highly motivated and dedicated team creates a trustworthy and nurturing environment for you. Here are our safety standards and precautions in our hotel.



All villas are cleaned and disinfected daily with industry-leading cleaning and disinfection products. A large-scale cleaning is carried out in case of guest changes. On the one hand this is the normal morning service, on the other hand the turn-down service in the evening.
Our guest care will accompany you to the accommodations and inform you about the facilities of the resort and the villas in compliance with the hygiene guidelines.



The distance rules are given at the resort at any time. In the spacious restaurant, there is a distance of up to two meters between the tables – with normally a maximum of two guests per table.
For contactless payment in restaurant and bar, only your signature is required. The total billing is also done contactless at your check-out.



The security distances between sun loungers and parasols are provided at the resort at all times. The loungers are placed accordingly. The sunbeds are also disinfected after use.
The zigzag construction of the pool bar also allows safe distances. Our staff will instruct you. During your stay in the pool, we kindly ask you to assume your own responsibility. Sanitary stations for guests and staff are offered at the bar.



Our laundry processes bed linen, bath towels, etc. with the utmost care. Everything is washed hot with a safe 95 degrees. For this purpose, we use industry-leading detergents, softeners and disinfectants that meet the high standard of disinfection for hotels.



All toilets are designed for non-contact use. Not only disinfection and soap dispensers, but also taps are equipped with infrared sensors. The toilets are equipped with disinfectant products and are checked at regular intervals for their cleanliness

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Employees are also checked

Our staff also have the highest level of hygiene. Wearing masks is now just as much a part of everyday life as measuring the daily fever before taking up service. Colleagues who do not feel comfortable are receiving medical care and have to stay at home.
Our health and safety training programs for our emplyees we will constantly update.

Enjoyment despite restrictions

The distance rules are given at the resort at any time. In the spacious restaurant, we have been offering up to three metres of space between the large tables for years – with normally a maximum of two guests per table. Only every second place is occupied at the bar and pool bar. The tables, chairs, bar, etc. are cleaned and disinfected after each guest before being released.

Nothing should be neglected

Our leisure activities can continue to be used with restrictions. Our spa services are not offered to our guests until further notice to avoid physical contact.

Underwater world - it's never been more beautiful

Our diving operation is still offered with few restrictions. We pay attention to distance rules in the dive center but also on the boat before and after diving or snorkeling. Wearing a mask is mandatory

We waive cancellation policy

If your arrival is not possible due to the COVID-19 measures of the state government, we would prefer to allow you an uncomplicated and free transfer to another date you requested of your booking.
If a postponement is completely out of the question for you, we can leave the amount paid for your booking in your personal account or refund.
For cancellations that are not based on COVID-19 measures, our usual cancellation policy in accordance with our Terms and Conditions applies

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