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The ECO History

Kawayan Holiday Resort takes care of the environment


Together with our divers regularly clear the reefs of waste

Our dive center regularly cleans all dive sites since November 2011 where ever we go for diving. Our house reef as a protected area we clean our waste of any kind even several times a year together with our guests.

Guests bring their waste back home

Since December 2012 Kawayan Holiday Resort is asking the guests if they could take their own waste back home. Waste like plastic in general. For example shampoo bottles, shower gel bottles, batteries or something similar bad for the environment. They bring it now to their home country for disposal and recycling. Founded by difficult or better nonexistent, environmentally friendly disposal and recycling situation.

Kawayan Holiday Resort banishes plastic from the resort

Kawayan Holiday Resort banished plastic from the resort in March 2014. The resort only usees only aluminum bottles which will be refilled where and whenever guests want.

Straws made of stainless steel introduced

Kawayan Holiday Resort already introduces stainless steel straws in April 2014. The last piece of plastic was therefore removed.

Solar panels for our own electricity production

Kawayan Holiday Resort purchased the first tranche of solar panels in November 2017. A first step towards electricity independence. An urgent matter! Electricity suppliers in Siquijor are definitely not able to supply electricity without interruption. The installation will start in 2019.

Kawayan Holiday Resort banishes sun creams from the pool and sea which are not environmentally friendly

Kawayan Holiday Resort is the first resort in the Philippines to ban non-eco-friendly sunscreen in the pool and ocean in March 2019. Inspired by the actions in Hawaii, Palau and Australia.