Resorts have to pay 5000.- Pesos to the PPA Larena (Philippine Ports Authority), otherwise NO ACCESS TO THE PIER OF SIQUIJOR!

The PPA Larena (Philippine Ports Authority) stop’s resort/hotel van’s from picking up guests from the pier if they did not pay 5000.- Pesos to the port authority to get a sticker which allows exactly that.

At the same time, privates persons are allowed to drive in with their cars and motorcycles for only 12.- Pesos at any time and pick up their visitors, relatives and families coming back from the Dumaguete shopping tour. By the way, so many private vehicles, that resort van’s, resorts, once again bring the tourists to Siquijor, usually find no reasonable parking space anymore, certainly not one worth 5,000.- Pesos. Means you can also park outside the pier!

On the contrary; the resort will be fined 5,000 Pesos, which according to PPA Larena supposedly also allow to go directly to the ships to pick up freight directly – ONLY!!!! In the two years in which we played the game with the 5000.- Pesos and paid, we were not allowed a single time to pick up cargo with our van’s. Security Guards never let us in although we owned a valid business sticker – but they open the gate for private cars! Even during the unusually long and ongoing construction work, the PPA demanded 5,000.- Pesos, although the pier was partially not accessible to cars! So they forced us to pay for nothing!

For the 5000.- Pesos, if we were private, we could drive into the pier 416 times and pick up our guests, which we could never achieve in a one year time. Resorts and hotels are not allowed to pay the 12.- Pesos to pass, but are forced to pay the 5000.-. This will discriminate against Kawayan Holiday Resort and many other resorts. The ones bringing tourists to the Island of Siquijor. Tourists who finance most of the jobs on the island. And even PPA gets the money out of that!

The management of Kawayan Holiday Resort cannot not understand this unfair treatment and the discrimination against us and other hotel and resorts in Siquijor from the PPA Larena (Philippine Ports Authority). The right way supposed to be to give priority to all resorts/hotels and prefer to let them go to the pier to pick up cargo and guests. This benefits tourism in Siquijor. The only ones who suffer are the tourists under such a discrimination. That’s what they remember in connection with Siquijor.

We are not the dairy cows for the PPA Larena while private vehicles are allowed to do what they want in and around the pier. Private persons are not bring in the tourists – the hotels and resorts are! Thunk about it!