The operational Boutique Style Kawayan Holiday Resort is for sale. The high class resort in Siquijor offers high European standard to it’s guests on an island where tourism is growing extremely fast.

精致风格的Kawayan度假村现已开始营业。 锡基霍尔(Siquijor)的高级度假村为旅游业发展极快的岛屿上的客人提供高标准的欧洲标准。

The resort comes fully equipped and prepared for the future. This means a complete Diver Center, a complete Restaurant, a complete Kitchen with an 8 m3 walk-in fridge, complete Massage area, with extraordinary ocean stairs, complete furnished 4 Prestige villas, complete furnished 3 Deluxe villas, complete Reception, complete Staff house, 32’000 liter water tank, exclusive water, fast internet connection etc.

度假村设备齐全,为未来做好准备。 这意味着一个完整的潜水员中心,一个完整的餐厅,一个完整的厨房,一个8立方米的步入式冰箱,完整的按摩区,非凡的海洋楼梯,配备齐全的4尊贵别墅,配备齐全的3豪华别墅,完整的接待,完整的员工房 ,32’000升水箱,专用水,快速互联网连接等

All villas are equipped with LED TV, air conditioning, ceiling fan, rain shower, minibar, Queen Size bed and much more.


The prestige villas are approximately 70 m2. The ceilings are made of high quality Mahagoni, the floors are designed with cooling river stones.
The deluxe villas are approximately 45 m2. The ceilings are made of high quality Mahagoni, the floors are designed with cooling river stones and Mahagoni.

尊贵的别墅约70平方米。 天花板采用Mahagoni等高品质材料制成,地板采用河石设计。
豪华别墅面积约为45平方米。 天花板采用Mahagoni等高品质材料制成,地板采用河石和Mahagoni设计。

The infinity swimming pool is approximately 80 m2 and equipped with LED lighting. A 3.5 meter deep area suitable for dive training. Furthermore it’s equipped with a Hayward pool pump, sand filters and salt water chlorinator for the water treatment.

无边游泳池面积约为80平方米,配有LED照明。 3.5米深的区域适合潜水训练。 此外,它还配备了Hayward泳池泵,砂滤器和盐水氯化器,用于水处理。

The Dive Center has 16 full dive equipment including computers and torches, 2 Coltri sub compressors. 2 Boats: a motorized Banca 45 foot good for 19 Pax, a speed boat with Mercury outboard motor as a taxi boat.
The resort is equipped for power outages with a 45 kva power generator. On top there is a complete solar system for 6kva, expandable up to 30kva.
Two Mercedes Van for pick up’s, four Motorbikes and much more.
If you have any questions please e-Mail us.

潜水中心拥有16个全套潜水设备,包括电脑和火炬,2个Coltri压缩机。 2艘船:一辆45英尺的机动Banca,19 Pax,一艘带Mercury舷外马达的快艇作为出租船。
度假村配有45 kva发电机停电。 在顶部有一个完整的6kva太阳能系统,可扩展至30kva。

TOTAL SALE PRICE: 110’000’000 Philippine Pesos.
The price includes the complete infrastructure of the resort, lot, equipment’s, all bookings, all valuable guests’ customers and sales contacts. Status 2018. Acquisitions are a matter of negotiation.

价格包括度假村的完整基础设施,地段,设备,所有预订,所有贵宾的客户和销售联系人。 现状2018.收购是谈判的问题。

If you buy the resort, you can immediately continue the operation. Since it is an operational resort. Everything exists already, including existing bookings. Price: 110’000’000 PHP

如果您购买度假村,您可以立即继续操作。 因为它是一个运营的度假胜地。 一切都已存在,包括现有的预订。 价格:110’000’000 PHP